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Lily and B-Unit Bane Pups are available


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Breeding of Lily of RBB and B-Unit Bane

Available Pups

First pick is reserved
2nd pick is 4500
3rd pick is 4k
4th pick is 3500

First pick is SOLD (Orange Collar)
2nd pick is SOLD (Blue Collar)
3rd pick is 3500 (Green Collar)

Puppies are available off Lily of RBB and B-Unit Bane

We are very happy with the out come of this breeding. All pups came out lilac or tri. “Light purple” is a blue tri female and “Purple” is a lilac tri. If you would like to see videos check us out on TikTok

Breeding of Louis V Line’s Asylum and Lily of RBB


Male (Blue) SOLD

Male (Green) KEEPER

Male (Orange) SOLD

Male (Yellow) SOLD

Female (Pink) SOLD

Female (Purple) KEEPER

Female (Red) SOLD